Online Casino Web

In the mid-1990s, Internet connections started becoming commonplace in peoples homes. When you combine that with more households having a computer than ever before, the stage was set for the online casino industry. The first online casinos had fairly tame graphics and game selections by today's standards, but they provided the foundation that today's industry is completely based on. We're going to take a look at the history of the industry, the changes that are coming in the future and the games that are available for players at this stage in the game.

History of Online Casinos

As we mentioned above, the first online casino software came out in the mid-1990s. These were downloadable programs that mostly worked on Windows PCs only. Eventually, things started shifting to browser-based games since they could be played over a larger number of operating systems. The surge of Adobe Flash helped this in a major way.

Whereas the first five or ten years of the online casino industry was based around software companies that had exclusive contracts with operators, what we have now is that individual operators can offers games from several different software developers. This is great for players because it allows for a larger selection of games all in one place.

Along the same period of time, we started seeing mobile casinos get more and more attention. The same things that allowed for online casinos to flourish are responsible for the surge of mobile casinos, and those things are sufficient hardware to handle the games (ie: smartphones and tablets) and connection speeds that make playing the games viable.

Available Games

There are basically three groups of games played in today's online casino environment. You have one group for slots, another group for table games and the third group for everything else. The majority of games available at any given online casino will typically be slots, but a good selection of table games are needed for a good experience since it provides for a well-rounded set of options for players. You'll also have "other games" like keno, scratch cards, virtual sports and arcade-style games that don't always fit into the typical casino genre but that have made their way into the online casinos nonetheless.

Slots are probably the most popular group just because there are so many of them. It's very easy to start a session for slots because all you have to do is choose your bet size and press the spin button. Since new games come out all the time, and since there are a virtually endless number of ways to create a slot, this genre is likely to dominate the online casino world for years to come.

As far as table games though, there's less room for innovation in today's market. Long story short, there's a set number of a few dozen games, including several versions of blackjack and video poker. Though video poker isn't technically a table game, it's lumped in because of how the same type of players who like blackjack tend to enjoy video poker because of the studying, strategy and ability for skill to affect your bottom line.

Getting Started Playing

If you have a reputable online casino in mind, then getting started playing is relatively straight-forward. All you have to do is choose a deposit method, add your funds and get in on the action. You can also opt for bonuses and other promotions to boost your bankroll and give yourself better chances of winning, but the best deals vary depending on the casino you're playing with, how much you want to deposit and which games you'll be playing. How often you intend on playing also comes into the equation.

Overall, tons of people play at online casinos, and they've gotten better and better at what they do over time. Things are only going to get better as we move towards virtual reality products and other innovations that shorten the gap between what's available online and what's available through the typical land-based casino experience for the vast majority of players.