Online Casino Bonus

Like many businesses, online casinos provide incentives for players to try to get an advantage over the competition. These incentives tend to come in the form of various promotions and bonuses. Deposit bonuses are the most popular type of promo, but some bonuses don't even require that you put up any money. We're going to cover some of the most popular types of bonuses that you'll find and how the terms and conditions for those bonuses work in this industry.

Terms and Conditions

Before we get into the specific bonus types, let's quickly take a look at the most important terms and conditions that you'll have to deal with. These terms are often filled with fine print and can be difficult to decipher if you don't know what you're looking for.

The first thing to realize is that virtually all bonuses have a wagering requirement (or play-through requirement) that you have to complete before being able to cash out. The whole point of this requirement is to prevent abuse from people who don't really have any intention of playing in the casino in the first place. The general idea is that you have to wager a certain amount before cashing out, and this is often determined as a multiple of your deposit and/or bonus.

For a quick example, if you had a 200 percent match bonus on a €100 deposit with a 25x play-through requirement on both the deposit and the bonus, then you'll need to wager a total of €300 * 25, which comes to €7,500, before you'd be allowed to cash out.

Welcome Bonuses

The most popular type of bonus out there today is the welcome bonus. Though it might actually consist of a package deal of multiple bonuses on different deposits, the idea behind these deals is to offer a juicy bit of value for players as an incentive to jump ship over to their online casino. As a result, the match percentages tend to be high, and this drives the wagering requirements up as well.

You'll typically find that there are different welcome bonus packages for different sets of games. Slots players will typically have one deal with one set of terms and conditions, and table games players will have a different deal available. This is a necessity due to the fact that skilled table games players can get the house advantage down to virtually nothing and abuse the promotions in a way that would have them removed for everyone.

Reload bonuses are related to welcome bonuses, except they're designed to give players an incentive to stick around at an online casino instead of moving. They typically are smaller bonuses given more frequently with the same kind of wagering requirements and game restrictions as welcome packages.

No Deposit Bonuses

Another way to give value to new players is through no deposit bonuses. These are essentially free chips given to players to give them a chance to check out the games and get a free chance to win real money prizes without having to wager anything. The play-through requirements on these deals are only a multiple of the bonus (since there's no deposit), and they're typically higher as a result.

No deposit bonuses are an excellent way to build a bankroll for players on a budget, but make sure that you only stick to the games that they allow for that particular promotion, or you'll end up having any real money winnings that you earn taken from you for breaking the terms and conditions of the offer.