Online Casino Games

In the early days of the online casino industry, it was fine for an operator to include games from just one software provider. Those were the old days, and in the new days, it's more common for sites to have games from many different providers. Net Entertainment and the Microgaming Quickfire platform are the two of the most popular sources for online casino games these days, and we're going to break down their contributions to some of the most important genres of titles in the industry.

Progressive Slots

Progressives are the games that provide the biggest jackpot wins in the industry. Microgaming and Net Entertainment have taken turns with the world record win over the past few years. The game to keep an eye on for Microgaming is Mega Moolah, and for Net Entertainment, it's Mega Fortune. Both of these titles have paid out millions of dollars, including eight-figure, world record-breaking payouts that have completely changed the lives of the winners and the people who are close to them. Aside from these two juggernauts, there are also other progressive slots like Hall of Gods, Mermaid Millions and Arabian Nights that have changed some lives with big wins as well.

Video Slots and Classic Slots

In terms of the rest of the slots genre, both Microgaming and Net Entertainment have made huge contributions. NetEnt tends to have more of a quality-over-quantity approach, and they have well over 100 different games, most of which are in the highest tier of quality in the industry. Microgaming tends to make more games based on television shows, movies, video games and other forms of established media, but like NetEnt, they've also built up their own brands for their games. This includes the popular Avalon and Thunderstruck series, the latter of which changed the genre by really establishing the free spins bonus round with multipliers as an industry standard.

On the Microgaming Quickfire platform, they include a number of games from third-party developers as well. This includes award-winning games from Rabcat like Castle Builder and Dragon's Myth. The point of this is that many of these third-party developers aren't big enough to secure their own deals with casinos, so they work with Microgaming to get their best titles out there. This gives players a huge selection of games from different styles to work with.

Strategic Casino Games

There are three types of games that tend to have varying degrees of strategy instead of just being based on pure chance. These types include blackjack, video poker and some forms of casino poker. In both blackjack and video poker, skilled players can achieve payout rates of over 99.5 percent, and when you add strong bonuses and other perks to that, it's possible to come out ahead of the casino. For casino poker games, there are a wide range that vary from being heavily strategic to completely based on chance, but players who are strategically minded will love this set of titles.

Classic Casino Titles

Aside from the strategic offering, there are also other classic casino titles like Baccarat, roulette and craps. These are the core table games that you can find in just about any online casino, and you can often find some of them in live dealer forms on the Internet as well. This provide players with an opportunity to check out the action via high-definition video and audio feeds, and it's basically the closest thing you can get to visiting a land-based casino without actually planning a trip.


The key thing to remember is that Net Entertainment and Microgaming, like other software providers, have to create a balance between quality and quantity. They want to offer a lot of games, but if the games they have aren't of a high quality, then no one will want to play them. This is a key to remember when looking at the games they have available in the different genres we have described above because it's impressive that they're able to offer such a wide selection without sacrificing quality in the least bit.