Online Slotmachines

Each online casino will have a variety of games broken up into different genres. These genres sometimes have a bit of crossover in terms of players who tend to play one often play another. Video poker is a very popular genre based on putting a lot of time and effort into developing strategies and working hard to come out on top through skill. However, this can be a bit exhausting, and that's why video poker players tends to enjoy classic slots during their breaks from the machines.

The Basics of Classic Slots

Classic slots are based primarily on the format of the oldest land-based slots that used three mechanical reels. The layout of these games is typically rather limited with either one or three rows, and this forces these titles to be more about gameplay than flashy features without substance. This is much like the situation with video poker where you can't substitute in a lot of flash without actually working on the gameplay, and that's one of the reasons why video poker fans are likely to enjoy switching over to this particular genre.

Common Features

Despite the fact that the format of classic slots leaves less flexibility than their five-reel cousins, there are still some common features that add some excitement to the game. Wild symbols often show up in these games, and since you typically need just three symbols to make a winning combination, a wild symbol puts you two-thirds of the way there since they'll automatically match up with whatever the next symbol is. This means you only have to line up one more symbol to make a winning combination.

In games with three reels and three rows, you can also have scatter symbols. A scatter is a symbol that pays out if you get them anywhere on the reels, not just on an activated payline. This is a cool way to increase the hit-rate of a game, and although it's something more often seen in video slots, they show up in classic slots quite a bit as well.

On top of the wilds and scatters, you'll often find bonus features like free spins and pick a box style games that can come up if you hit the right combination of bonus symbols or if you meet some other criterion.

Switching to Classic Slots

Some players find that they enjoy classic slots more than video poker. The reason for this is that the gameplay is less stressful and more relaxing since you aren't having to spend so much time on thinking about what the right plays are. You also won't spend any time worrying about if you're making the right play in the first place. Overall, the switch to classic slots is right for a lot of players who come into online casinos to originally play video poker.